Water Management


Heavy Industry


Approximately 80% of BG&E Resources QLD engineering services are in various brownfields designs and we regard brownfields design as one of our key strengths.

BG&E Resources QLD believes the key to undertaking brownfields projects is an appreciation that all projects are different, and that understanding the risks involved with undertaking the work will determine the strategies applied in delivering the project.

Beneficiation Circuit

BG&E Resources QLD was engaged to perform the concept through to detailed design, including workshop fabrication packages, for the Ravenswood Mine Process Plant. The 700 tonnes/hour beneficiation circuit project included two stage crushing and screening with rejection and stockpiling of oversize material. The new plant consists of six conveyors including stockpile conveyor, screen building, surge bin and tie-ins to the existing crushing circuit.

The design scope required the re-use of redundant process plant where possible (from the Sarsfield crushing plant) including the screen and screen building and approximately 50% of the conveyor galleries.


McArthur River Xanthate Mixing

BG&E Resources QLD has been engaged to complete the detailed design of a Xanthate Mixing and Storage Area for Glencore’s McAurthur River Mine (NT).

The Xanthate Mixing Area includes an enclosed bag breaker and hoist, agitated mixing tank (API650), and transfer pumps.

The Xanthate Storage Area includes a xanthate storage tank designed to API650, distribution pumps and associated pipe racks and integration into the existing plant.

De-bottlenecking Capital Projects

BG&E Resources QLD is currently undertaking a number of upgrades and de-bottlenecking exercises as part of the Low-cost De-bottlenecking Capital Project at the Cracow Gold Operations.

Projects include adsorption air circuit upgrade, improved operator access designs and the Crushing Circuit Throughput Improvement Project.

The Crushing Circuit Throughput Project is currently in early works execution following on from a concept study involving crushing and screening modelling, equipment selection, screen and panel replacement options, site laser scanning, shutdown schedule and a Capital Cost Estimate.

Minor Modification Works

Following the completion of the design for the Beneficiation Plant at Carpentaria Golds’ Nolan Process Plan, BG&E Resources QLD was engaged to deliver multiple minor Brownfields projects typically involving modification or refurbishment of the process plant. A selection of these projects includes Vibrating Screen Upgrade, Leach Tank Design, Tails Pumps and Piping System Upgrade, Gold Room Security Upgrade, Cyanide Mixing Plant Feasibility Study, Decant Water Upgrade Study, and numerous chute replacements and upgrades.

Non-Process Infrastructure

Non-Process Infrastructure (NPI)

Awarded the concept to detailed design package of the new NPI facilities as part of the Ravenswood Expansion Project. The scope of work included engineering and designing all disciplines within the facilities including procurement activities and workshop fabrication packages. Facilities included heavy vehicle workshop, heavy and light vehicle washdown facility, tyre change; diesel unloading, storage and dispensing; warehouse and mine operations facility; dangerous goods store; and all services (water, air, electrical).

Heavy and Light Vehicle Wash Bay

BG&E Resources QLD, as Vesuvian, provided the concept through to detailed design of a new heavy and light vehicle wash bay to service the Mt Carlton Operations. The project’s objective was to increase the efficiency of the maintenance personnel while meeting the environmental requirements.

The design included the integration of a light vehicle spray bar allowing for simultaneous heavy vehicle washdown.

Ore Trucking Study

BG&E Resources QLD, as Vesuvian, was engaged to provide services for the transition of 70% hoisting and 30% trucking to 100% trucking of ore for a confidential client.

The scope of work included feasibility study and detail engineering of surface infrastructure changes and asset availability strategies in support of 100% haulage such as changes or upgrades to traffic management, light vehicle and heavy vehicle refuelling facilities, light vehicle and heavy vehicle workshops, lubrication farm facility and light vehicle and heavy vehicle wash facilities.

Water Management

Borefield Pipeline Upgrade

The Borefield Pipeline Upgrade Project involved the replacement of two sections of the existing buried asbestos cement pipeline from the borefields to Abbot Point coal terminal, approximately 10km in length, with a high-density polyethylene pipeline and associated isolation, scour, air release and vacuum break valves, and pits and drainage.

The scope included pipeline route development, hydraulic analysis, pipe, and equipment specification and sizing, detailed installation drawings and scope of work development documentation

Whitehaven Coal Gunnedah Basin Raw Water

BG&E Resources QLD, as Vesuvian, provided an alternative cost-effective solution for providing raw water from Lake Keepit to its Gunnedah Basin Coal Operations including the greenfield Vickery Project.

The 80km pipeline and distribution services four operations throughout the basin and the scope included hydraulic analysis, intake and distribution facilities, equipment, and line sizing and specifications.

Raw Water Supply Assessment

BG&E Resources QLD recently completed a capacity assessment of the Burdekin River Raw Water supply to Ravenswood Gold Mine. The Burdekin River Raw Water supply consists of River Lift Pumps, a Turkey’s Nest Storage Dam and Pontoon Pump. The project also included transfer Water Storage Tank and Pumps and a 22km overland buried pipeline to site.

A hydraulic analysis and equipment analysis was conducted on the existing system to determine its current design capacity.

Heavy Industry

Specialty Products


BG&E Resources QLD, as Vesuvian, was engaged by Incitec Pivot Ltd (IPL) to provide concept (FEL1) and pre-feasibility (FEL2) design and engineering services for the Trace Elements Specialty Product storage and handling project.  The plant was designed to provide storage capacity and a metered addition of various trace elements to IPL’s Granulation Plant at Phosphate Hill in North West Queensland.

The prefeasibility was delivered within the project’s tight schedule and approved budget.


  • Layout and design development for client review and approval
  • Management of bulk material testing and old elevator testing to establish equipment suitability
  • Flowsheet, P&ID, and control philosophy development
  • Development of technical specifications and data sheets for equipment tenders
  • Technical evaluation of equipment tenders and providing recommendation to award
  • Investigation and recommendations for value-added alternatives, such as:
    • Time-in-motion study and optimisation
    • Plant automation integration
    • Risk analysis and risk mitigation activities
    • Development of capital cost estimate for project approval
    • Selection and sizing of equipment based on various trace element materials

CRL Wash Tanks

Two tanks for removing wax from the wash water for subsequent recycling leaked as a result of cracking in areas adjacent to the steam injection since initial commissioning. Despite repeated attempts onsite to repair the cracking, the failures and leaking continued. Identifying the root cause of the cracking, a feasible option for replacement was presented which was executed through to detailed design and fabrication. Design and fabrication techniques were tailored to take into account the very limited access within the existing plant area and tank installation locations.

Ammonia Separator Project

The Ammonia Separator Project involved the separation of the main ammonia circuit in the Granulation Plant to allow the plant chiller to operate at a lower temperature to increase granulation plant throughout.

Concept level option analysis progressed through to detailed design, procurement, construction, and commissioning of the ammonia separator vessel, supporting structure and access and vapour and liquid pipelines including valves and instruments.